DISTRIBUTED SECURITY, INC. is a private security company. We train individuals and teams to actively defend life and property from a violent threat. Active defense is the ability to stop a violent threat, minimizing casualties and damage, and secure the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

  • Prospective Gun Owner

    Prospective Gun Owner

    Start here for information on whether or not you should purchase a gun, the type of gun to buy for self-defense and the training resources you need to safely and effectively defend life and property. Read More
  • Individual Training

    Individual Training

    New and experienced gun owners. Firearm fundamentals. Handgun. Shotgun. Rifle. Individual tactics. Personal. Family. Home. Street. Home invasion. Road rage. Mob. Training Plans. Read More
  • Team Training

    Team Training

    Enterprise. Church. School. Community. Firearm fundamentals. Individual tactics. Team tactics. Assessments. Training Plans. Terrorism. Active Shooter. Hostile Terminations. Riots. Read More
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