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14 YEARS AGO WE WROTE OUR FIRST MANUAL: “HANDGUN FUNDAMENTALS”. Over the next few years we added six more manuals – Rifle, Shotgun, Individual Tactics, Team Tactics, Unit Tactics, and Strategy. We recently updated our manuals and created a desktop reference version called, “Reference Manual – Firearm Fundamentals And Individual Tactics” which also integrates with our online content and interactive training plans. We’re offering this manual for $39.95.

We wrote this manual for new and experienced gun owners. As a desktop reference, it is an invaluable resource for basic weapon fundamentals and individual tactics. The manual is 300 pages long and we cover the following topics:

  • Combative Handgun Fundamentals
  • Combative Rifle Fundamentals
  • Combative Shotgun Fundamentals
  • Individual Tactics
  • Dry Practice Guide
  • Concealed Carry Briefing

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COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL – SECURING THE HOUSE OF WORSHIP has been compiled for houses of worship to develop church security teams capable of actively defending against lethal threats of violence.

Active defense is the ability to stop a violent threat, minimizing casualties and damage, and securing the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement. This is accomplished by training select staff and congregants who are thoroughly vetted and willing to form an armed security force. We’re offering this manual for $49.95. Contents covered include:



  1. Introduction To Security Analysis
  2. Area Study
  3. Site Survey
  4. Asset Evaluation
  5. Threat Assessment
  6. Vulnerability Assessment
  7. Developing The Church Security Team
  8. Deploying The Church Security Team
  9. Decision Making And Problem Solving In Crisis
  10. Tactical Decision Games
  11. Post-Incident
  12. Sustainable Security


  1. Definition of Sides
  2. Magazine Indexing
  3. Wearing Equipment
  4. Stance/Grip
  5. Draw/Re-Holster
  6. Chamber/Mag
  7. Positions/Holster
  8. Contact Drills
  9. Load
  10. Unload
  11. Empty Gun
  12. Immediate Action
  13. Speed Reload
  14. Remedial Action
  15. Tactical Reload


  1. Movement.
  2. Spalling.
  3. Cover/Concealment
  4. Close Quarters Combat CQC
  5. CQC – Interior
  6. Terminal Angle
  7. “T” Intersection
  8. Room Clearing
  9. Room Characteristics
  10. Doors
  11. Fatal Funnel
  12. Dynamic Entry
  13. Stairs
  14. Closing


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