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We train enterprise employees to actively defend life and property.


We train church security teams to actively defend against violent threats.


We train teachers and staff to actively defend against violent threats.


We train residents to actively defend against violent threat.

In addition to training, DSI provides vulnerability assessments and instructional seminars for business, church, school, and community. We also deploy quick response teams for engaged clients during times of urgent threat.


A Defended Community is a community that is protected from lawless violence via collaboration between county or municipal law enforcement, and citizen volunteers trained to exacting standards, under the discipline and operational control of local authorities. The objective of the Defended Community Initiative is to provide a self-funding force multiplier for law enforcement agencies facing increasing threats, decreasing budgets and growing public hostility.

In the recent past it was straightforward to predict and prioritize potential threats. This is no longer the case as violent threats to local communities are evolving rapidly and unpredictably. Decentralized threats driven by accelerating polarization signal an unpredictable future for urban centers and smaller communities.

Budgetary pressures combined with growing anti-police activism are negatively impacting law enforcement response. Police are now required to do more with less as they confront a violent, unpredictable future.

Many communities have a pool of responsible armed citizens who would stand up of their own initiative in a crisis to support local law enforcement, but they usually lack the standardized training, communications, organization, and discipline necessary to earn the confidence of local authorities to act in concert with them.

The initiative is based upon training capable and properly vetted residents to safely and effectively defend community life and property, in support of and coordinated with local law enforcement. The curriculum consists of a progressive training ladder encompassing combative firearms fundamentals, individual tactics, team tactics, tactical medical, and tactical communication skills. The curriculum is delivered via a 360-degree set of online, on-range, and on-site training resources sustained by guided persistent training, practice, and exercises.

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DSI is at the forefront of creating security solutions for enterprise and community moving from defenseless to defended.

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