Team Tactics 7.17

July 17 - July 20, 2017 - The Site Firearms Training Center

"The most important training your team will ever take part in."

This course is designed for owners, managers and employees of small to medium-sized enterprises interested in learning how to defend their business from violent attack.

Team Tactics is easily the most important training event your team will ever take part in. This course will forge life-long emotional bonds with your managers and employees while teaching them the combative skills necessary to defend life and property in case of:

  1. Active shooter.
  2. Mob violence.
  3. Terrorist attack.
  4. Gang warfare.
  5. Predatory thugs.

Team Tactics integrates live-fire range training with reality based training (RBT) (using non-lethal training firearms and live role players) to deliver a world class, unparalled training experience. Team Tactics utilizes our innovative pre-course and post-course training resources to deliver a comprehensive firearms training experience including:

  1. Four days of integrated range and RBT training (no classroom lectures).
  2. 14 day pre-course on-line preparation.
  3. 12 month post-course "Smartsheets" customize training plan
  4. On-line reference videos and instrcutional videos.
  5. Seven print manuals.
  6. Supplemental on-line courses.
  7. Private on-line training group.

Attendees will learn:

  1. Combative handgun skills and techniques.
  2. How to work individually and an as a team to defend life and property.
  3. How to develop and operate a private defense network.

Reality based training (RBT) is at the core of our training method. RBT is a simulation of "force-on-force" training that provides stress inoculation, allowing the student to experience what violence looks and feels like. RBT boosts the student's confidence in his ability to dominate adversaries and protect himself and others, under the normally debilitating stress of a lethal force encounter. Scenario-based training builds the fund of applicable experience that will speed effective decision making and effective performance in a crisis.

Students learn to apply their decision making and gun handling skills under realistic conditions such as low light; multiple, unknown threats; the presence of noncombatants; and with a variety of mission objectives such as defend in place, search and clear, egress, and recovery.

We utilize an escalating series of RBT scenarios to teach the basics of tactical maneuver in and around structures, both as an individual and as a member of a 2-, 3-, or 4-person team to confront an active shooter or other violent threat in your business, school or church. We cover communications within the team, with higher authority, and with responding law enforcement, and we teach the latest close quarter battle tactics for moving and fighting safely and effectively within and around a structure.

How to register: Registration is limited to 6 attendees. (If you want to bring 6 team members to the same course we can customize a course for you. Email us at for more information or call us at 1.877.452.0951). This registration form is for individuals or several team members from a single enterprise. 

  1. Fill out and submit this registration form (link below).
  2. Pay the deposit. This is a non-refundable deposit guaranteeing your spot in the program.
  3. We will accept only 6 paid students per group. Spots will be awarded based upon your payment date. 

Background Check:

To ensure that those training with you are persons of good ethical character, we require all applicants to provide one of the following forms of information. Please bring the original to your course for verification. Should you not have any of these forms we can do a criminal background check for you.

  1. Current concealed carry permit or federal frearms license.
  2. Illinois FOID card and an offcial issued ID (Drivers License/Passport etc.)
  3. Evidence of no criminal history form a local law enforcement agency printed on offcial department letterhead, or a statement of good character from a local offcial; i.e. chief of Police, sheriff, District Attorney, Judge, etc.
  4. Evidence of current, active, full line service with public law enforcement agency, or with the United States Armed Forces.
  5. Form 4473 “Brady Check” (See the gun store that you purchased your handgun from for a copy.)

If you have none of the above credentials we will need to run a criminal background check for you. You will be charged an additional non-refundable $20 for the background check. Please email for further instructions on how to do this.

Payment of Balance: 

You will be invoiced for the balance of your program fee 60 days prior to the start of your program. Your invoice must be paid via credit card within 7 days of the receipt of your invoice or you forfeit your deposit and training slot. 

What Your Program Fee Includes:

Your $2,695 course fee pays for the 4-day training course and includes:

  1. 1-year access to the O2DA Defense Academy ($359 retail value).
  2. Operational quality cap and merit patch.
  3. Pulse O2DA manual set (7 manuals).
  4. 12 month on-line "Smartsheet" post course training plan.
  5. Private on-line training group.

Your course fee does not cover:

  1. Travel, food or lodging.
  2. Ammo or weapon rentals.

UTM Weapon and Ammunition Surcharge:

We use simulated non-lethal weapons and ammunition for the reality based training segments. This surcharge covers the cost of your ammunition and weapon rental. The surcharge is $150 and is added to your program fee and paid via your program fee invoice.


This event will take place at the legendary Blackwater North training facility near Mount Carroll, Illinois now known as The Site Firearms Training Center.

The Site is a 129-acre shooting and training facility that was developed to be one of the finest shooting facilities in the United States. The facility currently has seven flat ranges, a 600 yard Known Distance (KD) Range, an Unknown Distance Range, a Climbing/Rappelling/Shooting Tower, two shoot houses (one fully ballistic) and many other training areas.

Mt. Carroll is located approximately 2 hours from O'Hare Airport and 1 hour from Moline/Quad-Cities. There are three options for lodging:

  1. Blackbear Lodge. This is the on-site lodging option. There are a limited number of rooms available. Click here for more information.
  2. Quad-Cities, IL. There are many lodging options available in the Quad-Cities which is about 1 hour away. Please do a Google search on lodging in the Quad-Cities to view your options. 
  3. Galena, IL. Galena is about 45 minutes away. This is great option for those of you who might bring your significant other. Galena is a beautifully preserved, historically significant town, renowned as a tourist destination with all sorts of things to do. Click here to learn more.

Cancellations And Refunds

Once your depost is processed then you are committed to the program. There are no refunds.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled date then you will be able to attend a future program date as long as:

  1. You cancel no later than 30 days prior to your program date.
  2. Future program dates are contingent upon space available.
  3. There is a $250 service charge for canceling and rebooking the program.

We train rain or shine so there are no weather cancellations. Should we cancel a program after payment has been made then we will either refund your payment in full or apply it towards the next program.  



Event Details

Event Date 07-17-2017 7:00 am
Event End Date 07-20-2017 5:00 am
Registration Start Date 10-25-2016
Capacity 6
Available place 6
Cut off date 06-16-2017
Individual Price $2,695.00
The Site
11311 S Skunk Hollow Rd Mt Carroll, IL 61053 United States
The Site
$2,695.00 6