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Does your state and school district authorize school employees to be armed?

Is the safety of your students and staff a top priority?

Do you understand how difficult and unlikely it is for police to intervene in time to stop a school shooting?

If so, begin taking proactive steps to secure your school against this worst-case threat.

DSI offers training for school staff members authorized to carry firearms.

webschoolplan1Securing a school against the threat of an armed attack is subject to the tyranny of time. Physical security measures such as locked doors and controlled access, while helpful against lesser threats, do little more than delay a determined, armed attacker. Once inside the school, an attacker will have his way until either he decides to stop (often taking his own life), or an armed person stops him with force. These events are often over, with tragic consequences, within the first 5-10 minutes, well before responding law enforcement officers are able to intervene.

Armed SROs (School Resource Officers) on scene can make a critical difference, but few school districts can afford to have one in every school, and a single armed defender who is uniformed and easily identifiable, and whose schedule and location is known or predictable, may be of limited value against a determined attacker who has planned his actions well in advance, as all school shooters do. 

An emergency 9-1-1 call is usually not made until someone clearly identifies the threat, and this can take minutes after an attacker enters the school. Dispatchers then send first responders, but communications and assessment eat up more vital seconds, when on average (based on historical experience) another victim is shot every six to eight seconds. Police will then respond rapidly, but the meaning of "rapid" is contingent upon distance and the number of officers on duty and available. Even urban and suburban schools may not see officers on scene for several minutes, and remote rural schools may be on their own for half an hour or more. When the first officers arrive, current training protocols (based again on historical experience) call for immediate entry, but they still must locate the threat and move toward it in a chaotic environment, impeded by panicked or injured victims, confusion, conflicting reports, and in some cases barriers, obstacles, or booby traps deployed by the attacker. Case studies paint a disturbing picture of how these situations develop - and time is not on the side of the responders.

The only possible defense that can save lives in the first, critical moments of an active killer event is to have armed, trained, trusted defenders on scene, able to respond within seconds to stop the carnage. In more and more jurisdictions across America, school employees who volunteer and meet legal and policy requirements are being authorized to carry concealed firearms on school property. They are the front line defenders of their schools.


DSI is at the forefront of creating solutions and training for places of for businesses, churches, and schools. We offer two solutions for schools: on-line and on-range training

1. Online Defense Academy - The Team Level Membership - 6 team members for $289 per month.

THE HUB FOR ALL DISTRIBUTED SECURITY, INC TRAINING RESOURCES is our online Defense Academy. Inside you will find content, instructional courses, lectures, training plans, and other resources designed to help you achieve your training objectives.

The TEAM membership for the Defense Academy is designed for school staff or security teams who face a common security challenge - in the event of a violent confrontation, how do you defend your students, teachers, and staff until the arrival of law enforcement? Our Team membership is intended to provide the content, instruction, plans, and resources for small teams to learn how to defend life and property.

Our Team Level training addresses a team working to secure your school. We build our team plans around 6-member cadres and utilize our 12-month Advance training plan to train them to SWAT level competencies*. Training of the individuals to work as a team is only part of the process. Because they are working to secure a physical location, it is necessary to add to the plan various analytical and organizational steps. The Team Plan details the following steps necessary to secure building and property including:

  • Conducting a security analysis.
  • Forming your security team.
  • Provisioning the team.
  • Operational planning.
  • Training the team.
  • Validating your training.
  • Mobilizing the team.

DSI has been at the forefront of creating programs and strategies that train individuals in organizations to defend their life and property. Our Team membership to the online defense academy is designed to provide the content, instruction, plans and resources for small teams to learn how to defend and protect innocent life. The cost for a Team membership to the online defense academy is $89 per month for a team of 6 individuals.

Teams get their own online Private Training Group (PTG). 

Consider the Private Training Group as your virtual ready room where you store your important information - photos, videos, files, announcements related to the organization, training and operation of your security team.

School Team PTG Graphic

Each Team gets a customized interactive training plan and supervising instructor.

Anchored by participation in DSI's on-range training courses, this plan defines pre-requisites for each progressively more challenging level of training, and specifies the readings, videos, and practice drills that must be addressed before course attendance at each level. The plan is not overly prescriptive - there remains considerable flexibility for the student to control his own pace and adapt the program to his individual schedule and circumstances, while still focusing on the end goal of proficiency in critical weapon skills and in the tactics and cognitive knowledge that will allow the sober, lawful, and deliberate application of those skills as an individual, and as a member of a team or larger articulated unit in defense of your school  against evolving threats.

School Team PLAN Graphic

In broad outline, this program ensures competency in the combative use of a handgun; in the principles of individual tactics that will make you hard to kill and allow you to apply those skills successfully in a fight for your life; and in the cognitive infrastructure of intelligence, communications, planning, collective training, and organization that will provide you the enormous leverage of working with like-minded and similarly trained people to secure your school in that critical gap between the sudden appearance of a violent threat and the decisive intervention of law enforcement.

Click on the Team membership option to get started. The Team membership is $289 a month for six team members. Of course you can cancel at anytime.

2. Team courses. We offer several on-range course formats for teams. These are designed for small security teams.

To be safe in both normal, everyday circumstances and in a crisis, and to be effective in stopping an ongoing school shooting requires specific individual skills and mindsets that can only be developed and maintained through training. DSI offers this training. Our training is accessible and effective for anyone, from experienced firearms handlers to new gun owners. We train staff members to work together to defend their school, and to interface safely with responding police. We also train lifesaving immediate responder medical skills that can save the lives of gunshot victims in the minutes before Emergency Medical Services arrive.

You will find, as school districts across America have already found, that once you have dedicated, trained defenders in place, the likelihood of ever suffering an armed attack shrinks to near zero. Quite simply, mass shooters avoid venues where immediate armed resistance is likely.

DSI will teach you how to defend innocent lives. You will learn how to safely and discreetly carry a concealed handgun, how to shoot well when shooting is justified, and how to employ the individual and team tactics necessary to effectively confront and defeat a violent threat in your school before the authorities arrive.  Our instructors, all of whom have significant law enforcement and military backgrounds, will train you on exactly what to do from the moment the threat appears to the arrival of first responders. 

DSI Training Integrates Firearms Fundamentals with Reality-Based Scenario Training using Non-lethal Training Firearms

DSI offers the Tier 4 Combative Handgun Course, which provides 16 hours of live fire handgun training suitable for both beginning and experienced students, followed by the 24-hour Tier 3 Individual Tactics Course, which provides even more advanced live fire training combined with more than eight hours of scenario based training specific to the challenges of confronting lethal violence in a school setting. We use trained, scripted roleplayers and non-lethal training firearms in controlled but high-stress scenarios that teach you to apply your skills decisively and effectively under the pressures of a real world encounter. Our pre-course online materials will familiarize you with the history and salient characteristics of mass shootings in general and school shootings in particular. Before ever setting foot on the range, you will have absorbed the cognitive material to which most trainers devote hours of sedentary, classroom lecture. Access to our online Defense Academy will provide you videos and instructions for safe, simple drills that will jump-start your learning - and provide guidance for ongoing training practice to maintain and improve your skills. The leverage provided by our pre-course and post-course online support, and the proven accelerated pace of our training event, will provide you with skills comparable to those of highly skilled military and police operators, but tailored specifically to your needs.

To find out more about our on-range and on-site training solutions for schools send an email to or call us at 1.877.452.0951

School Resources

Armed Teachers Cover 
DSI's Bill Tallen writes about the "fallacious arguments and irrelevant evidence"  used by Gabby Gifford to block armed teachers in Florida schools.There is a disproportionate buzz about the newly signed Florida legislation that allows its school districts (each at its own discretion) to authorize concealed carry of firearms by teachers in their schools. Click the link above for the complete article and table of incidents.

School Briefing Grab

Click this link to download a PDF version of DSI's "Strategy for School Security".  Violence in schools, mass shootings in particular, must be addressed with a comprehensive strategy which begins with Passive Measures that are widely acknowledged and seldom controversial. They focus primarily upon deterrence and detection of potential threats. Unfortunately, while effective in preventing many potential incidents, these measures can and do fail - and by definition whenever a school shooting occurs, they have failed. A last line of defense must be provided by Active Measures, a key element of which is the presence of trained, armed personnel on site to protect innocent lives in the critical response gap before law
enforcement is able to arrive and intervene.

Guns In School

The BBC ran a story recently on school shootings and the debate over arming school staff to defend against same. Bill Tallen, DSI EVP, was present as an observer (along with the BBC reporter) at the FASTER training in Colorado in June 2017. Bill supported the passage of legislation a year ago in Wyoming that allows armed school staff at school board discretion, assisted in the formulation of non-regulatory guidance on the topic for the Wyoming Department of Education, and now supports implementation of this law in his own northwest Wyoming school district. He weighs in on the BBC piece.

Screen Shot 2018 02 20 at 7.35.03 AM

Concealed carry of firearms by school staff – or church cadres, or businesses, or even just broadening the right to legal concealed carry by civilians – provides the ability to defend innocent lives in the first seconds that they come under attack, when police are minutes away at best. Click the read full article.

Accessory To Murder

Facts continue to emerge in the aftermath of the mass shooting at a Broward County, Florida high school. But already, they are drowned out by the ill-informed, emotional calls for more restrictions on gun ownership. We won’t enter that endless debate here. Instead, let’s cook down to the essentials of what we know about this incident. Click here to read full article.

Linkedin Article School Head

On November 29, 2017, Newsweek magazine reported that ISIS is now urging their "lone wolf" terrorists to attack American children. There is nothing new about Islamic terrorists targeting children and schools; they've been doing it for decades globally, and the death toll is in the thousands. They haven't done it yet in America, but it will be a miracle if that day does not come. Signs of their intent and preparations have been discovered for years - reconnaissance of school buses, training videos captured from Al Qaeda, school floor plans in the files of the San Bernardino jihadist couple, and more. Click here to read full article.


Webinar replay - How To Develop A Safe And Effective Armed Security Team For Your School - March 6, 2018


Bill Tallen, DSI's EVP Tactical Engagements has been directly involved in both state and local level debates over recent Wyoming legislation  governing guns in schools. This is the most recent radio interview he gave.

Dr. Chuck Gbur VP Tactical Medicine and Bill Tallen EVP Tactical Engagements were interviewed by MIRS about the proposed gun laws allowing concealed weapons in gun-free zones in Michigan. During the interview we discussed our position that anybody carrying concealed in gun-free zones should have professional tactical training. Click here to download the interview.

Ron Danielowski provided a "Guest Opinion" to an editorial written by the Quad-Cities Times that was against arming teachers. Click here to read the opinion.