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LEARN HOW TO COMPETENTLY DEFEND YOUR LIFE, LOVED ONES, AND PROPERTY. Fear is driving first-time gun buyers to buy a gun, and without proper training, many new gun owners fear their weapon as much as the threats they’re hoping to defend against. If your a new gun owner you most likely have a ton of questions and are looking for training advice.

If so, our online Defense Academy is the solution you are looking for. Chalked full of information the Defense Academy is the one-stop resource you need to quickly get up to speed and get your questions answered. Not only will you find a wealth of information, but you also will find capable and personable DSI certified Combative Firearms Instructors or "CFIs" who are available to answer your training questions and point you in the right direction to get the world-class training you desire.

Sign-up now for free 5-day access to the Basic Level training plan inside our on-line Defense Academy.

If you've purchased a gun for the first time, then the most important thing you can do is start your training by becoming a member of our on-line Defense Academy. Our on-line training resources are designed to get you up and running - safely and quickly. Start by signing up for a Basic membership and begin the on-line 5-DAY KICK-START course.

As a Basic member you also have access to our 30-Day Basic Plan including our online Concealed Carry course, our Dry Practice Guide, you get your own online Private Training Group (sort of like a virtual locker where you can store all of your training stuff) and immersion in our member community, where you can communicate and interact with other like-minded folks and DSI certified Combative Firearms Instructors (CFIs). 

Online 5-DAY KICK-START COURSE (1-hour per day over 5 days, or you can do the whole course in a single sitting).

  • Day 1 SAFETY

    Day 1 SAFETY

    Dry-Practice Guidelines, 4 Firearms Habits, what to buy.
  • Day 2 DRILLS

    Day 2 DRILLS

    5 basic handgun drills, stance and grip, equipment, sides, draw.
  • Day 3 TACTICS

    Day 3 TACTICS

    5 basic tactics, footwork, intersections, clearing rooms, etc.
  • Day 4  FORCE

    Day 4 FORCE

    Lethal force, on killing, morals and ethics, flipping the switch.
  • Day 5 STRATEGY

    Day 5 STRATEGY

    Strategy for defense. Build your own local defense network.
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Plus, you will want to explore the other content, courses, and training plans found inside the online Defense Academy. You can expand your skill set and learn more advanced techniques and other weapon systems, or you can maintain your basic skill set by regularly reviewing and practicing the skills you just learned. 

CLICK ON THE BASIC MEMBERSHIP OPTION TO GET STARTED. The Basic membership is $19 a month. Your first 5 days are free. Thereafter your credit card will be charged $19 per month for as long as you stay a member. Of course, you can cancel at any time. 


Strip-Portal-Intro Strip-Portal-Basic-RED Strip-Portal-Advanced Strip-Portal-Team
Price Free  $19/mo  $39/mo  $89/mo
Should You Buy a Gun x x x x
Gun Primer x x x x
Purchase Specifications x x x x
Schmitt Case Study x x x x
Webinar Replays   x x x
Dry Practice Guide   x x x
Strategy For Defense Manual x x x x
Library Archive     x x
Individual Tactics Manual   x x
Team Tactics Manual       x
Intent to Defend Protocols     x x
Tactical Scenarios   x x
Conceal Carry (CCW)   x  x  x
Handgun Drills   x x x
Shotgun Drills     x x
Rifle Driils     x x
5-Day Kick-Start + Test   x x x
15 Handgun Modules + Final Exam   x x x
CCW Basics + Test   x x x
17 Individual Tactics Modules + Final Exam     x x
20 Team Tactics Modules + Final Exam       x
3 Tactical Medicine Courses + Final Exam   x x
3 Tactical Communication Courses + Final Exam   x x
30 Day Basic Plan   x x x
12 Month Advanced Plan     x x
24 Month PDB Stand-Up Plan       x
Profile   x x x
Forum   x x x
Threat Center   x x x
Weekly Tac Chats   x x x
Chat Support     x x
Smartsheets   x x x
Individual Training Group   x x x
Team Training Group       x
20% off On-Range Training   x  x
Commission on course referrals   x  x

New Gun Owner Resources


1. Sign-up for a free 5 day trial for the DSI Defense Academy.

Join the Defense Academy 

2. Register for your first on-range course - Combative Handgun.

Combative Handgun 
Course Schedule

3. Read about how you start securing your business, school, church, and community.

Private Defense Networks

We offer integrated on-line, on-site and on-range training packages for our members, students and clients. As a new gun owner you may find these offerings of interest.

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