Tier 4 Dry Practice Training (Live)

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Members and Students

Attend online Dry Practice with your DSA using the DSI Individual Daily Training Plan

Hosted on DSIs Discord Server

Join us live online on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 0600 (Central)


Good training matters.

While you learn the proper techniques on the range under your DSA's watchful eyes and guidance, the fastest way to progress and achieve an "ingrained response" of the fundamental skills needed to win a fight for life will be achieved during your own short, regimented, and self-imposed training times - less than a handful per week. Much of your self-imposed training time should be made up of deliberate dry practice.

Because dry practice is so important to building your fundamental skills, your DSA hosts live Tier appropriate Online Dry Practice training events three times per week using DSI's Individual Daily Training Plan as it's base. If you don't have your own customizable copy of the self-paced DSI Individual Daily Training Plan, contact your DSA, alternatively, contact info@distributedsecuirty.com and we will make sure you get one.  

The online Tier 4 Online Dry Practice training events are exclusively for Veteran and Current Tier 4 Students and both Legacy and Current Defense Academy members.

In addition to the online Dry Practice training events, your DSA hosts weekly online DA (Defense Academy) Tours, Pre-course, Post-course Training Briefs with Q&A which allows you to ask those questions that have arisen throughout the week that may not have been answered elsewhere.

Your DSA's online training events should be your first reach and you should use the HQ live streams as needed or as supplemental/remedial training opportunities.

To access ALL DSI and DSA streams, please download the free Discord app (https://discordapp.com/download), create an account, and then join our DSI HQ Discord server here: (https://discord.gg/g9EgpM9) to find both DSI's live HQ streams as well as your DSA's.

I (Ron) will post any new links and updates to the top of this page as we adjust the process, check back as needed.

If you missed the first live stream Tier 4 Dry Practice w/me you can access the video and posted links here.

We are using my copy (Ron's Copy of the Student's Tier 4 Daily Training Plan - and right now it's about to receive an update) to show you what is happening with student training and to give you a clear path forward.

Please contact your DSA for your own copy, or if you don't have a DSA contact me at ron@distributedsecurity.com or in the HQ Discord Server (see above).

As DSI students and DA members, you should now be well aware of the great value DSI DSAs, training, support, and resources are. You can feel confident that you can send your friends and loved ones to us for some of the best firearms and tactics training backed by an outstanding curriculum and great support. 

In the time of lock-downs, there ARE things you can do to get better and better prepare yourself. Please make sure you spread the word about real security (vs. security theatre) through distributed security networks and make sure you pass on the FREE DSI Defend! app for both iOS & Android.

While the Defend! app is designed specifically to get new gun owners up to speed quickly, as a veteran gun owner you will find it a handy way to brush up on the basics during your self-imposed Dry Practice sessions. Your early support and feedback now helps to motivate us to give you more of what you want out of a practical and serious app for you and your team.

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If you are having trouble finding out what is going on, please feel free to contact me directly on our Discord server (see above).