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When considering the notion of using armed employees to defend their enterprise, most owners and managers respond with the following:

  1. I don’t like guns.
  2. I don’t see the threat..
  3. That’s why we have cops.
  4. My lawyers would not allow it.
  5. You can’t train employees to do this.
  6. That’s why there are security guards.

We have found that most enterprises must go through four stages of understanding in order to comprehend the reality and necessity of a defended enterprise.

STAGE 1Understanding the threat. It’s going to get worse. A lot worse. The first stage is understanding that violent threats to enterprise and community are going to get worse. In the recent past you could count on historical trends and statistics to help predict and deter violent threat. This is no longer the case as violent threats to local communities throughout the world are evolving rapidly and unpredictably.

STAGE 2: Understanding cops will not defend the enterprise. Cops can’t defend you.The second stage is understanding that cops won’t be there to respond as these new threats emerge. Police are not security guards and cannot provide the kind of coverage to thwart a violent attack. Government budgets are shrinking and the public distaste for increased taxation growing. Cops do not have the mandate or budget to defend individual enterprises.   

STAGE 3:  Understanding owners and managers must defend the enterprise. The third stage is realizing that owners and managers are  responsible for the defense of the enterprise. Cops, politicians, lawyers, gun regulations, liability insurance, surveillance cams, and unarmed security guards do not defend the enterprise. Enterprise owners and managers must provide for the defense of life and property via inhouse staff and/or outsourced capabilities.

STAGE 4Understanding armed employees are the best defense. The fourth and final stage is understanding that the best defense is the one that will be there when a threat manifests. Armed, trained, and vetted employees working as a coordinated team and circulating throughout the enterprise provide the best defense. With DSI Enterprise Offerings you can recruit and deploy a private security force for a fraction of the cost of outsourced options while maintaining total control over this most vital strength.

Enterprises who control their defense are truly defended. Outsourcing to third-parties or assuming law enforcement will respond in time leads to vulnerability and uncertainty. Take control. Move from defenseless to defended. Click here to download our Enterprise Offering brochure.

Make The Last Line Of Defense Your First Priority 

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Online Training Resources

In addition to our on-range and on-site offerings DSI offers the most comprehensive on-line training resources anywhere. This is a list of the online instruction, courses, content, and plans we offer.


  1. Purchase Specifications: Purchase specification describing best weapon, ammo and accessories for first time gun buyers.
  2. Schmitt Case Study: Case study of the Schmitt family struggles in Detroit to defend their business from violent threat.
  3. Webinar Replays: 60 minute webinar "play-on-demand" for individuals businesses, churches and schools.
  4. Dry Practice Guide: The bible on safely and effectively practicing shooting fundamentals at home.
  5. Strategy For Defense Manual: Building decentralized networks of simpatico individuals to secure your life, family, business and community.
  6. Library Archive: Download PDF's on gunfighting, OODA loop, maneuver theory, etc.
  7. Individual Tactics Manual: How to defend your life and property. Using cover, clearing rooms, footwork, working stairways, etc.
  8. Team Tactics Manual: Working as a team to defend a business, church or school. Tactics, planning, analysis, etc.
  9. Intent to Defend Protocols: Protocols describing how teams should coordinate and interface with local authorities.
  10. Tactical Scenarios: Home invasion, road rage, demonstrations, terrorist attack, mob violence, school attack, business attack.
  11. Conceal Carry (CCW): Concealed carry basics video, photos and text narrative with test for credit.
  12. Handgun Drills: Video, photos and text narrative for 15 fundamental combative handgun techniques.
  13. Shotgun Drills: Video, photos and text narrative for 15 fundamental combative shotgun techniques.
  14. Rifle Driils: Video, photos and text narrative for 15 fundamental combative rifle techniques.


  1. 5-Day Kick-Start + Test: Online 5-Day/5-Hour Kick-Start course and test for new gun owners. Safety, drills, tactics, etc.
  2. 15 Handgun Modules + Final Exam: 15 instructional modules with quizzes and a final exam. Pass for credit.
  3. CCW Basics + Test: Concealed carry basics video, photos and text narrative with test for credit.
  4. 17 Individual Tactics Modules + Final Exam: 17 individual tactics course modules with quizzes and final exam for credit.
  5. 20 Team Tactics Modules + Final Exam: 20 team tactics course modules with quizzes and final exam for credit.
  6. 3 Tactical Medicine Courses + Final Exam: 3 basic tactical medicine courses with quizzes and final exam for credit.
  7. 3 Tactical Communication Courses + Final Exam: 3 basic tactical communication courses with quizzes and final exam for credit.


  1. 30 Day beginner plan Smartsheet powered... for new gun owners. Handgun fundamentals + basic tactics.
  2. 12 Month advanced plan Smartsheet powered... for experienced owners, handgun, shotgun, rifle, advanced tactics.
  3. 24 Month PDB Stand-Up Smartsheet powered... establish private defense base and private security force.


  1. Profile: Your home base. Access training plans, store videos, upload photos, share personal details, etc.
  2. Forum: Communicate with other members. Join conversations. Monitor topics of interest.
  3. Threat Center: Monitor real time feeds of potential threats worldwide and trending threats as they develop.
  4. Weekly Tac Chats: Monday evening two hour open mic tactical chats with our certified instructors. Bring your questions.
  5. Chat Support: 12/7 online chat support from our certified instructors to answer questions about your training.
  6. Smartsheets: Personalized, interactive training plans that guide you to your training objective.
  7. Individual Training Group: Your private training group. If you're on a Smartsheet this is where you interact with your CFI Team Training Group For businesses, churches and schools: This is your private group to interact with your cadre.