Program 5: Unit Tactics


OBJECTIVES: Participants will learn how to recruit, organize, train, and lead units - comprising multiple teams and specialties - providing security for neighborhoods, communities or private defense networks, in operational environment that may result from natural disaster or civil unrest, characterized by delayed, inadequate, or non-existent support from civil authorities. They will learn a wide range of communications, intelligence, threat assessment and contingency planning skills.

INSTRUCTIONS: You must ensure that you meet the listed prerequisites, complete all specified pre-course work, and then attend the on-range training detailed below.



  On-range: attend a Tier 1 Unit Tactics Course:

  • 40 hours (five training days) duration.
  • Live Fire component: review & refresher of DSI Combative Handgun, and Combative Rifle skills.
  • Tactical Medicine component: Review and apply TCCC-AC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care - All Combatants) skills; designated medics complete TCCC-MP (Tactical combat Casualty Care - Medical Personnel
  • Exercises: Terrain Walks, Tactical Exercises Without Troops, Command Post Exercises, Tactical Decision Games
  • Reality Based Training component: Six force-on-force exercises utilizing non-lethal training firearms and ammunition, vehicles, communications assets, and adversary and noncombatant role players. Participants rotate through critical roles. Full After Action Reviews to capture lessons learned.

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Program 5 - Unit Tactics