Team Tactics Program

OBJECTIVES: Participants will learn how to apply their previously trained handgun, rifle, and individual tactical skills as members of a small team.

They will learn tactics, techniques, and concepts for working effectively as a member of a two, three, or four person tactical team, under realistic conditions such as low light; multiple, unknown threats; the presence of noncombatants; and with a variety of mission objectives such as defend in place, search and clear, egress, and recovery. They will learn how to communicate laterally with other teams and with the leaders of a private security force providing security for a business, church, school, or other institution. They will learn how to organize, train, and plan for team operations, and to conduct liaison with law enforcement entities both prior to and during a lethal force confrontation. They will learn more advanced immediate-responder lifesaving medical skills.

INSTRUCTIONS: You must ensure that you meet the listed prerequisites, complete all specified pre-course work, and then attend the on-range training detailed below



  On-range: attend a Tier 2 Team Tactics Course:

  • 32 hours (four training days) duration.
  • Live Fire component: review & refresher of DSI Combative Handgun and Combative Rifle skills.
  • Tactical Medicine component: TCCC-AC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care - All Combatants) and practical applications within scenarios.
  • Reality Based Training component: 14 progressively more challenging scenarios utilizing non-lethal training firearms and ammunition, trained and scripted role players, use of force decision making, and application of tactics and techniques in a high stress environment. Each student runs every scenario, either alone or as part of a two-person team.

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