There are two primary resources you will use in pursuing your Advanced training. They are the "Program" pages accessible via the menu to the right, and the Smartsheet Control Panel which is used to manage and certify your training progress. Every Advanced student is assigned a Supervising CFI (Combative Firearms Instructor) who will help guide their training. 

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The Advanced Training process involves moving sequentially through 5 training Programs accessible via the menu to the right. Completing these 5 Programs earns our Advanced patch. The Advanced Training Plan has been created to allow completion over a 12 month period. You won't be able to go much faster than 12 months, but you can stretch it over several years if you desire. You use your Smartsheet Control Panel to set up your own schedule and to monitor your progress in achieving your training objectives. Your Supervising CFI certifies each training objective that you achieve via the Smartsheet Control Panel. 

Your total commitment to achieving your Advanced patch is approximately 300 hours of training time and $8,500 of on-range course fees. 

Specific steps:

ORIENTATION. Make sure you have read the "Advanced Level - Home" first in order to get the lay of the web site.

SET-UP: Set up your training resources. They include your Private Training Group and your Smartsheet Control Panel. Follow these steps:

  • Private Training Group (PTG). Go to your "Headquarters" tab and scroll down to locate the menu bar that has "Training Groups". Click on "Training Groups" and you will see a new green button "New Group". Click on this button and you will be able to create your own group. 
  • Smartsheet Control Panel (SCP). Once your PTG is set up we will then place a link in your PTG with your customized Smartsheet Control Panel. You will be notified when the link is live and you can start training. 

Familiarize yourself with these other resources:

  • Online courses: Each Program in the Advanced Training Plan requires that you complete specific Online Courses accessible here.
  • Online reading assignments: A Program may also specify required readings found in our online Defense Academy.
  • Online quizzes and tests: Many Online Courses require successful completion of a quiz; and a test demonstrates your understanding of all specified Pre-Course work in each Program.
  • On-range courses: After you have satisfied all prerequisites and completed all Pre-Course work for a given Program, you will need to schedule and attend the specified on-range Course.
  • In-home dry practice: Combative Firearms Programs specify dry-practice before, during, and after your on-range training to help you develop and maintain gun handling skills. 

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