Our training is delivered via online, on-range, and on-site offerings. You can purchase a single online course, subscribe to a monthly online training program, attend one of our on-range courses, or engage one of our on-site turnkey packages.

We use various combinations of videos, photos, narratives, formats, briefings, exercises, and scenarios to develop the skills, techniques, tactics, and strategies necessary to competently defend life and property. Our training programs are guided via interactive spreadsheets that marshal our training assets into a plan that will deliver the training objective.

Our training programs and online resources will:

  1. Help you decide whether or not you should buy a gun and if so what to buy.
  2. Teach you basic gun safety and effectiveness.
  3. Develop basic weapon skills for combative handgun, rifle, and shotgun.
  4. Train you on individual tactics so you can eliminate lethal threats quickly.
  5. Train you to work as an effective team to defend your home, enterprise, church, and school.
  6. Teach you the command skills necessary to defend your immediate community.

Start your training by signing up for a membership. We have two membership options for individuals, "Basic" for new gun owners and "Advanced" for experienced gun owners. The difference between the two options is the content you have access to. You can upgrade your Basic membership to Advanced at any time, and of course, you can cancel your membership at any time, plus your first five days are free so you can decide for yourself if our offerings are right for you.

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