Academy Preview - 5-Day Kick-Start

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The 5-Day Kick Start course takes about 5 hours to complete. And there is a test at the end. We spread it over 5-days to give you time to absorb the lessons. If you choose you can certainly do it in 5 straight hours.

This is what you will learn in your 5-Hour Kick-Start Course:

Lesson 1: Safety - Dry-Practice Guidelines, 4 Firearms Habits, The Schmitts, Basic Provisioning Package
Lesson 2: Fundamentals - 10 basic firearms drills
Lesson 3: Tactics - 10 basic tactics.
Lesson 4: Lethal Force - On killing, morals and ethics, flipping the switch.
Lesson 5: Strategy - Strategy for defense.

Extra Credit: Tactical Scenarios

SWAG When you complete the 5-Hour Kick-Start online course take the Kick-Start Quiz and earn the Pulse O2DA patch. Do all 5 extra credit scenario courses and pass the quiz at the end of each scenario, and receive the O2DA Defense Academy t-shirt.