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This is the Pulse O2DA Threat Center You will find several resources on this page that will help you determine your personal security strategy. These resources are updated 24/7. Please check daily to help update your personal awareness of any new threats you may face.

THREAT MATRIX The Threat Matrix categorizes potential threats by location, type, target, probability and potential consequences. During periods of increased threat, we create and publish threat matrices based upon unfolding events. Make sure you are signed up for our weekly members only email list because we notify members of new threats via this list. Please see the Strategy Manual for the definitions of the various types and targets and the Team Manual for descriptions of the threat matrix and grading the threats. 

Sample Threat Matrix

CAUSE DRIVEN          

RAW FEEDS AND TRENDS. Feed and trends are samplings of articles, posts, Tweets, Facebook postings and other social media conversations. Feeds come directly from Twitter and are based upon six keywords. Trends come directly from Google and sample web postings of articles and other messages across the web for the past 30 days. 

HOW TO USE FEEDS AND TRENDS. Feeds provide a real time look via Twitter of unfolding events. These feeds are especially helpful during active shooter events, terror attacks, and mob relation civil disturbances. Trends provide a 30 day "look back" on certain key words that were searched on Google. We look for short term "hockey stick" surges in multiple key words as leading indicators of potential threats.  

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