The Smartsheet


For Defense Academy Members, we offer our customizable Smartsheet Training Plan or "STP" and the training resources needed to help individual students and teams customize their training program to better fit their needs and reach their training goals.

The STP (Smartsheet Training Plan) is a fully customizable training plan based on Smartsheet technology, which you can best think of as a simple to use spreadsheet on steroids.

Your customizable STP is chalked full of training activities that will fit any busy schedule and supported with personal instruction on how you can best customize your training plan to meet your training needs.

Chalked full of helpful tips, guides, links to videos and training material, you will know exactly where to go and what to do next as your skill at arms improves and your knowledge base expands.

Importantly, when you activate your STP, we will start a Private Training Group or "PTG" just for you and anyone you choose inside the Defense Academy.

In your PTG will include you, our Chief Firearms Instructor Ron Danielowski, your CFI (if you have one), as well as any other Defense Academy members you choose. We obviously recommend your training/battle buddy and your other teammates as well.

Inside your private training group, you and your training buddies will be able to chat with Ron and your CFI directly about any questions you may have.

Finally, as a Defense Academy member enrolled in the STP, you will be given the opportunity to partake in a weekly online Briefing, Q&A, and feedback conference call with Ron and other CFIs.

All you need to do to sign up for the Smartsheet Training Plan is send us an email at and we will start issuing you credentials immediately.

So sign up now for this free DA membership benefit.