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We want to introduce the Schmitt family to you. The Schmitt's are the topic of a case study we developed that describes the struggles of one family; as individuals, employees, business owners and community residents, to cope with the increasing threats and violence they face living in Detroit. 

The Schmitt's are German immigrants having arrived in the United States at the turn of the 20th century. The original Schmitt's came to New York, then headed west to Detroit to work for Henry Ford. Soon they had built their own business producing and distributing auto parts. Over the next 50 years, the business would thrive. But then came the 60's and the Detroit riots. And the wholesale destruction of the town and the industry that they love.

This case study is the centerpiece of our Strategy For Defense manual which you can read in the Pulse Armory or by purchasing the print version of the manual. In our Strategy manual we build a strategic blueprint describing how individuals can assume control of their own defense using the Schmitt family to help illustrate the process.

We also use the Schmitt's business - Auto Parts Distributors, Inc. (APD) as an example for many of the concepts presented in our Team Tactics manual. These concepts include; the APD security briefing, asset and threat evaluations, the APD graded threat matrix, the APD site survey and vulnerability analysis and a sample wargame using APD assumptions. The Team Tactics manual can be read online in the Pulse Armory or by purchasing the print version of the manual.