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The purpose of this strategy manual is to develop the ideas and concepts leading to the creation of a strategy necessary to defend family, business and community from violent threat.

“Better a warrior in the garden than a gardener at war” 

-Japanese proverb

A psychopath wrecks innocent lives in an attempt to settle grievances with the world. Violent mobs loot, burn and kill innocent businesses and civilians after a jury returns a not-guilty verdict. Inner-city gang warfare terrorizes entire neighborhoods and communities. International terrorists increasingly target US citizens and infrastructure. Extreme polarization between races, religions, lifestyles and economic systems is setting the stage for a form of violent conflict last seen in the Middle Ages.  

We are on the brink of an inevitable conflict that will weaken, even destroy the rule of law and civil conduct. The government institutions that we have come to depend upon for security and civility will not provide the level of security and civility that we depended upon in the past. 

Lone gunmen, violent mobs, organized criminals and jihadist terrorist groups a.k.a. “decentralized” threats, can’t be stopped quickly by a centralized (government) response. If we truly want to mitigate these types of attacks then we need to allow trained citizens, who will be on the scene when the threat manifests, to defend their life and property.

In other words, we need a decentralized (individual action) approach to security to meet the decentralized threat. Despite what the media may say, this isn’t rocket science, and that’s the good news, a decentralized approach to security will work more effectively than a centralized one will. 

Of course, “trained” is the key word in the above proposal, because the presence of a firearm alone will not guarantee the end to the carnage. Furthermore, one must not only have the skill in gun handling to stop a violent threat - one must have the will to use those skills by ruthlessly eliminating a threat when necessary.

Helping you achieve both the will and the skill to mitigate these threats

is the objective of our seven-manual set titled: 

THE PULSE O2DA DEFENSE SERIES - Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques Necessary To Defend Home, Business and Community

The purpose of this manual is to develop the ideas and concepts leading to the creation of a strategy necessary for civilians to defend life and property from violent threat. 

This manual outlines why the strategy for civilian defense of life and property is self-reliance. The strategy is dependent upon building decentralized networks of simpatico individuals to secure your life, family, business and community.