Academy Preview - Training Plans

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The O2DA Battle Academy offers three different training plans; a 5-Day Kick for novices, a 12-Month plan for individuals who want to develop advanced skills and our Interactive Training Plan:

Plan Grabs

1. 5-Day-Kick Start Plan (Static). The purpose of the 5-day kick-start training plan is to accelerate your learning process by providing you with a programmed mix of readings, viewings, and activities designed to familiarize you with your weapon AND the realities of a lethal force confrontation. When you complete the 5-Day online course take the test and earn your civilian patch. The "5-Day" can be completed in one day if you really want to work at or you can take as long as you like. Five consecutive days is our recommended timing.

2. 12-Month Training Plan (Static). The Pulse O2DA 12-Month Training Plan has been developed to turn men and women with no prior firearms training into competent defenders of their life and community, and assists veteran firearms owners in honing their warriors edge to a razor sharp finish. The 12-Month Training Plan integrates handgun, shotgun, and rifle training with individual maneuver and both small team and unit tactics. The 12-Month Training Plan represents our base training plan template and can be accessed on line via desktop, tablet and smartphone. The plan can also be downloaded via PDF and printed out.

3. Interactive Training Plan (Customizable). Our most important resource is our interactive training plan (ITP). With our ITP you can monitor your training progress, create customized training plans and modify or create your own training stages and tasks. Both the 5-Day and 12-Month plans are static, in that the plans are rigid and you cannot change the activities or monitor your performance. The Interactive Training Plan comes pre-loaded and installed with all of the stages and tasks in the 12-Month Plan. The user can then modify these as needed including adding or deleting stages and tasks based upon their personal training objectives. ALL O2DA BATTLE ACADEMY MEMBERSHIPS INCLUDE THE ITP BUT YOU MUST REQUEST THAT WE INSTALL IT FOR YOU. This is how to access and utilize your plan: