The Four Firearms Safety Habits

The Four Firearms Saftey Habits course is an online curriculum consisting of a short instructional module with a quiz.

The Four Firearms Safety Habits course is the predecessor to the firearms drills courses which we encourage everyone to start with.

By building on the foundation of the Four Firearms Safety Habits course you will become a safe firearms handler who can pass this important information on to your friends and loved ones.

In this Four Firearms Safety Habits course, we will provide you with the study materials needed to begin mastering safe gun handling. The drill modules should be completed in order, after which the student can revisit any module at any time to refresh their memory. Students who complete all 15 modules and pass the quizzes will be awarded a certificate that can be posted to their profile page.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the narrative (prime) but DON'T take the quiz on the same day. Instead, let the information sit for no less than 24-hours before reviewing with your instructor or on your own (only if you don't have an instructor), followed by another 24-hour rest before your final review/quiz. When done move on to the next module indicated by your training plan.

DURATION: 15 Minutes