Magazine Indexing (R)

The Rifle Drills course is an on-line curricula consists of 15 short instructional modules with quizzes.

The predecessor to the Rifle Drills Course is the Handgun Drills course which we encourage everyone to start with. By building on the foundation of the Handgun Drills course you will more quickly learn what works for you should you be afforded the luxury of enough time to retrieve your long gun.

In this Rifle Drills course, we will provide you with the study materials needed to begin mastering stress resistant gun handling techniques for the rifle. This course will introduce you to drills that you should practice at home (dry) and on the range (live).

The drill modules should be completed in order, after which the student can revisit any module at any time to refresh their memory. Students who complete all 15 modules and pass the quizzes will be awarded a certificate that can be posted to their profile page.

INSTRUCTIONS: Watch the video, read the narrative, review the still photos then take the quiz at the bottom. When done move on to the next module indicated at the bottom.

DURATION: 30 Minutes


RIFLE DRILLS - 08 MAGAZINE INDEXING As I mentioned before, in my opinion one of the most overlooked and underestimated firearms-handling skills out there is the simple act of properly indexing your magazines correctly. A proper indexing is important because the speed in all your reloads and one malfunction clearance will depend on this often overlooked and underestimated technique.

We feel that the proper index is so vital, that when you are training with us we ask you to index properly every time you handle your magazine, whether it is coming out of your rifle, coming out of the magazine pouch, when you are transferring the magazine after filling it or even when moving a magazine from a storage location back to the magazine pouch. This may seem extreme to some people, but it shouldn't, because a correct index is truly vital. Ignore or de-emphasize this section at your own peril, because your reloads and malfunction clearances will suffer from a simple lack of this basic and easy to learn technique

When we talk about a correct magazine index, there are two tactile reference points that you should be keenly aware of, which coincide with the way to properly hold a magazine.

How should one grab a rifle magazine? You need to grab the magazine on the bottom half, that way you can seat the magazine into the magazine well without interfering with the seating (if you grab to high your support hand will end up blocking the magazine from feeding and seating properly).

Doing this correctly will give you two tactile reference points, one in the palm, and the other on your support side trigger finger (see arrows).

01 Correct Hold - Grasp the magazine down towards the bottom half.

RDM9 3258

Must you absolutely grasp your magazines in the exact manner I do here? No, you don't have to... as long as your index is consistent and allows you to properly insert the magazine, you should be fine. I personally prefer this index because it is consistent with my handgun index, and therefore I can index handgun or rifle magazines in roughly the same manner.

The primary index point will be in the support side palm (where the baseplate met it while you were holding the magazine properly), while the secondary index point is the trigger finger of the support side hand (again, where you felt your support hands trigger finger while holding the magazine properly).

As stated above, of all of the fundamental skills of good firearms-handling the proper magazine index is the most underrated and least practiced, yet would be the easiest to master if you put your mind to it.

02 Two Indexes - First index is on the palm, second on the support side hands trigger finger.

RDM9 1256

Your proper index will be established when you note where the baseplate of the magazine rests in your palm when you grasp the magazine correctly.

Additionally, by grasping your magazine in the manner in the above photo, you will be able to establish that all-important primary index point in the palm of your hand (see the photo on the previous page).

Therefore, the first part of your hand to touch the magazine should be your primary index point (heal of your hand) touching the baseplate. If you have established this correctly your index finger will naturally fall into place once you lower your hand to grasp the magazine prior to removing it from its pouch.

Our end goal in proper magazine indexing is to end up with the magazine in the support hand in a consistent manner, as ending up with a constant and reliable index allows you to quickly grow your skills.

03 End Goal - Magazine is in your hand consistently touching both index points.

RDM9 2257

Another benefit to this type of index is that it allows for a quick daytime as well as low light (see last photo) magazine check, which will come in handy with your loading procedures.

04 Magazine Check - Also good for both day and low light magazine checks.

RDM9 4259

(Low Light)

RDM9 4a260