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Of all of the online communities you belong to, the O2DA DEFENSE ACADEMY may well be the most important. Why? Because it will save your life, save other innocent lives and defend your community in the process.

Members of the NWWYO Defense Group receive:

Full access to the online O2DA Defense Academy.
10% off all Pulse O2DA training courses.
10% “Training/Battle Buddy” discount.
Weekly email containing tactical tips, deals, and discounts.

Inside the O2DA DEFENSE ACADEMY you will find manuals, videos, photos, drills, training plans and other content. The resources inside the O2DA Defense Academy are segmented by individuals (home, street), teams (business, school, church) and units (communities, neighborhoods).

There are training regimens for beginners, advanced, and expert gun owners.

This is a 14-day free trial. If you want to continue after your 14-day free trial your cost for a monthly membership in the O2DA Defense Academy is $12.95 (less than the price of a 1-hour range rental). Defense Group members have access to more than $10,000 of training course and program content, that they can study and train at their own pace - accessing the content 24/7 on computers, tablets, pads, and mobile phones - following one of our three training plans.

Free per 2 weeks
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