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Because of our belief in the Oath Keepers mission, we have crafted a new offer for Oath Keeper members that is the lowest monthly subscription rate offered anywhere. Plus, Pulse guarantees that your rate will never go up for as long as you stay subscribed. 

The new Oath Keeper’s monthly subscription rate is $9.95 month which is a 60% savings off of the new retail rates, and a 33% saving off of the old Oath Keeper rate of $14.95. Plus 50% of your subscription rate comes back to Oath Keepers and helps keep our supply lines fueled!

Inside the expanded Pulse O2DA Armory, you will find manuals, videos, photos, drills, training plans and other content. The resources inside the Pulse O2DA Armory are NOW segmented by individuals (home, street), teams (business, school, church) and units (communities, neighborhoods). Members have immediate  access to the equivalent of more than $10,000 of training course and program content. You can study and train at your pace - accessing the content 24/7 on computers, tablets, pads and mobile phones following one of our three training plans for individuals, teams and units. 

USD 9.95 per 30 days
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