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This is the jumping off point for our current members and students to access their individual and team training plans and resources. This is also the launching pad for prospective members, students, and clients to register for one of our programs. You can purchase a single online course, subscribe to a monthly online training program, attend one of our on-range courses or engage one of our on-site turnkey packages.

Individual Online Membership Plans

  • 40 Hours. New Gun Owners. Combative Handgun. $19/Month.

    40 Hours. New Gun Owners. Combative Handgun. $19/Month.

    For new gun owners who want to learn basic self-defense skills necessary to defend themselves and their family from a lethal threat. Includes online 5-Day Kick Start course, plus drill videos, tactics and scenarios. Personal. Family. Home. Street.

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  • 320 Hours - SWAT* Competencies. $39/Month

    320 Hours - SWAT* Competencies. $39/Month

    A series of progressively more challenging training programs that will develop a level of proficiency comparable to basic SWAT* operators in as little as twelve months of study, training, and deliberate practice. Handgun. Rifle. Individual Tactics.

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Individually Priced Online Offerings

  • Online Command School Course - $189.00

    Online Command School Course - $189.00

    COMING: Online, self-directed version of our three-day Command School seminar for CEOs and senior security managers.

  • Five-Day Kick Start Program for new gun owners - $14.95

    Five-Day Kick Start Program for new gun owners - $14.95

    COMING: Five-day Kick Start is designed for new gun owners who purchased their weapon for self defense.

  • One-Hour School Defense Webinar - $19.95

    One-Hour School Defense Webinar - $19.95

    COMING: Webinar replay discussing how schools can establish their own armed security cadre.

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Free Featured Resources

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From this page you can access your paid program, purchase an a la carte offering, and access our free offerings. 

If you're here for the first time, you can access many free resources in order to get an idea of our training program methodology. If you'd like to start a paid plan you can do so at anytime by clicking any of the program links. To get started we recommend:

  1. Download our mobile app DEFEND! iOS |  Android. It's free and is the best way to stay in touch with the community.
  2. Interested in starting your training? Sign-up for one of our training programs:
  3. After you sign up for a plan get familiar with the mechanics of your HQ page here.
  4. Questions? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Distributed Security, Inc. now has a mobile app. We're launching a beta version for folks to start using and to provide us with feedback. The app is focused on prospective and new gun owners. It provides information and access to basic training allowing those considering the purchase of a gun for self-defense, and those who recently purchased, to make the right decision and to kick off their training.
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Download our mobile app DEFEND! iOS |  Android.