Tier 4 Handgun - Module 4

DSI’s Tier 4 - Module 4 Handgun Combatives is the final module of DSIs Tier 4 Combative Handgun series and completes the fundamental gun-handling techniques, casualty care, and communication tools you will need in a fight for life by continuing to prepare you for the more realistic elements you can face as a lone operator and will serve as the cornerstone of all of your advanced individual and team training.

Module 4 (Combatives) 4 starts with the testing of the previous important combative skills learned in modules 1-3, which by this time have become almost second nature to you and then teaches you how to engage targets that may be otherwise inaccessible to you without exposing yourself unnecessarily by use of improvised positions. You will learn the proper way to get into and out of various positions so you can remain safe during transition between positions, such as squatting, kneeling, and prone. You will be afforded ample opportunity to appropriately utilize your tactical light in numerous low/no light environments while moving safely to cover, as well as rounding out your life saving skills by teaching you how to manage airways. The course concludes with the Tier 4 Skills Test, which if passed and used in conjunction with your online training course’s certificate of completion, will earn you the DSI Graduate Certificate.

HOW you will be trained:

Our Combative Handgun Program goes well beyond typical, administrative state licensing courses and basic NRA-type training. We do this with a unique training experience and support system which is presented by DSI Certified Distributed Security Advisors (DSAs) who give you personal attention and help you reach your full potential - before, during, and after your initial range training.

Why after your initial training? Because DSI knows what it takes to win a fight for life and what it takes to stay proficient - we don’t believe in nor do we offer “one and your done” type training. Instead, DSI’s DSAs will ensure you have multiple training opportunities available to you as often as possible, and they will ALWAYS be there to answer your questions and support your training efforts.

Our training methodology is delivered in three phases: pre-course information and guidance, intensive on-range gun-handling skills and drills, and a post-course support system delivered by your DSAs.


WE are in this WITH YOU. Your DSAs and CFIs will show you how to use your fully customizable and self-paced Daily Training Plan to immediately gain a grasp of the materials you will need to know and be familiar with in order to better prepare you for your range time. You will be introduced to key concepts and techniques in a logical manner and issued pre-course materials, including curricula, equipment lists, instructional drills and videos, manuals, photos, customizable training plans, and supporting references so you can get to understand why you are doing what you are doing and be able to more fully participate in your range training. Most importantly, your DSA and DSI HQ DSAs will be available during our local weekly Live Pre-Course Q&A as well as the official DSI HQ supplemental weekly Live Pre-Course Q&A, where you can get your questions answered directly by an instructor - before ever even stepping foot on the range.

Range Training:

Your Range Training is realistic, fast-paced, dynamic, hands-on, intensive, and safe. You will learn both practical gun-handling skills and life-saving tactical medicine by practicing them under our watchful eyes and guidance. Because all of the "book learning" was done prior to your course inside the Defense Academy (DA), and because we walk you through everything step by step, and with no less than 4 online Q&As every week to answer your question, there is NO classroom time filled with PowerPoint presentations and long droning lectures during your range training. Therefore these 4 hours (16-hrs across 4 mods) of precious range training are devoted entirely to learning and practicing physical skills and techniques.

Because you are getting all of your questions answered before your training, you will step confidently onto the range ready to put practice those skills you have been introduced to, then learn those skills by first practicing them by the numbers, and then you will be afforded with multiple opportunities to practice and get better throughout the course. This is important because when you leave the range and go home to train in the following days/weeks, you will know exactly what you need to practice before you come back for your next module.

My team and I are respectful, professional, and friendly locals with decades and decades of global real-world experience in the military and law enforcement, and each of us is dedicated to helping you achieve your firearms and tactics training goals and gaining you the skills you need to confidently operate safely in the real-world by being dangerous only to your adversaries.


Because your skills can and should get better and sharper with time, and because we don’t believe in the standard “one and your done” training programs, we offer you post-course training that is second to none.

YOU’RE NEVER ALONE. Through your continued enrollment in the DA you will have access to our regularly updated training materials, including; curricula, equipment lists, instructional drills and videos, manuals, and photos. You will be tied into our shared local Distributed Security Network via your own Private Training Group(s) where you will have direct contact with your fellow classmates, instructors, friends, and community members. You will be the first to receive our ongoing challenging training opportunities, information on group and team training as well as general get togethers. Additionally, we host thrice-weekly 30-minute Online Dry Practice Sessions where we will answer all of your self-training questions while helping you sharpen your skills by refining your at home practice, and achieve your training goals between classes or courses by using your fully customizable Daily Training Plan and your DSI Training Notebook.

Completing the Tier 4 program (or having demonstrated acceptable equivalent competencies) allows you to take the DSI Tier 4 Handgun Skills Test (T4-HST).

Students who pass the T4-HST with 80% or better, will earn a Certificate of Completion and when used in conjunction with the Certificate of Completion from their Online curricula students will earn the DSI Graduate Certificate.

Price: “Free” - The Tier 4 Module 1 price of $800 covers ALL Modules (1-4).

Registration is easy: Just select the course and the date you would like to attend then call us at (563) 940-2836 to schedule your course. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

The primary instructor for this course is Jacob Pries a DSI Certified Distributed Security Advisor (https://www.distributedsecurity.com/about-pulse-o2da/certified-training-instructors.html) and he is the owner/operator of Distributed Security Quad Cities.

Visit our Tier 4 - Combative Handgun page (https://www.distributedsecurity.com/offerings/training-home/handgun-skill-mastery-modules.html) to learn more about our unique approach to firearms training.

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Individual Price "Free" The $800 price for Tier 1 registration covers all of Tier 4 (Mods 1 through 4).
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