Tier 4 Handgun - Module 2

DSI’s Tier 4 - Module 2 Handgun Skill Builder is a pragmatic live fire intensive course that starts with the testing of those vital combative skills learned in the Module-1 Handgun Basics course and then adds additional essential combative skills that will help you assure your safety in a fight for life.

This course will quickly build on those skills you learned in Handgun Basics by introducing additional techniques such as; teaching you how to safely and rapidly draw from concealment, improve your accuracy at distance giving you the confidence to quickly and accurately get first-round hits out to well beyond 25-yards (range permitting). You will learn how to quickly and safely maneuver with your loaded handgun laterally, continue to ensure the proper use of cover and concealment, and how to fight effectively in low light environments.

Module 2 also teaches you vital bleeding control techniques such as how to properly apply a tourniquet, control hemorrhages by packing wounds, using blood-clotting agents, and the proper use of pressure dressings for yourself (self-aid) and others (buddy aid). During this course, you will also lay the foundation for tactical communications.

The $800 price covers all of Tier 4 (Mods 1 through 4). Schedule your Mod - 1 course here, and schedule the remaining modules with your DSI Certified Distributed Security Advisor (DSA) as your schedule permits.

Event Properties

Event Date 09-27-2020 12:30 pm
Event End Date 09-27-2020 4:30 pm
Registration Start Date 06-17-2020
Capacity 6
Registered 0
Available place 6
Cut off date 09-16-2020
Individual Price The $800 price for Tier 1 registration covers all of Tier 4 (Mods 1 through 4).
Location Shooting Sports Quad Cities
We are no longer accepting registration for this event