Tier 4 Handgun - Module 1

THE DSI (TIER 4) COMBATIVE HANDGUN PROGRAM is for serious students of personal protection, imparting the skills and attitudes they need to decisively win the fight of their lives

New gun owners will learn to safely and effectively handle and shoot a handgun under realistic conditions, apply the combative skills needed to dominate a lethal force confrontation, use immediate lifesaving medical care, and appreciate the legal ramifications of fighting to save innocent life. Veteran shooters can refresh existing skills, learn new techniques and concepts, and fill any gaps in their prior training.

Course content starts with basics like wearing your equipment correctly, grip and stance, and how to quickly and effectively present (draw) your handgun, and achieve hits with practical combat accuracy using either intuitive fire or combative sighted fire. You master reloads and malfunction clearance, maneuver (moving off the line of attack, and to cover), shooting under no or low light conditions, shoot/no-shoot decision making and de-escalation, and treatment of life-threatening injuries in the immediate aftermath of a fight.

HOW you will be trained: Our Combative Handgun Program goes well beyond typical, administrative state licensing courses and basic NRA-type training. We do this with a unique training experience and support system presented by DSI certified Distributed Security Advisors (DSAs) who give you personal attention and help you reach your full potential - before, during, and after your initial range training.

DSI's training methodology is delivered in three phases: pre-course information and guidance, intensive on-range gun-handling skills and drills, and a post-course support system delivered by your DSA.

Pre-course materials, including curricula, equipment lists, instructional drills and videos, manuals, photos, customized training plans, and supporting references are provided prior to your course through our online training portal (the DSI Defense Academy). Self-paced pre-course study material introduces you to key concepts and techniques - and you can get answers to your questions directly from your DSA - before setting foot on the range. You will receive a Dry Fire Practice Guide and Training Plan, to guide your online pre-course study. Your DSA will be available to you to answer your questions and hosts a weekly Live Pre-Course Q&A, where you can get your questions answered directly.

Range Training is fast-paced, dynamic, hands-on, and intensive. You will learn both practical gun-handling skills and life-saving tactical medicine by practicing them under the watchful eye of your DSAs. Because all of the "book learning" was done prior to your course, these 16 hours of range training are devoted entirely to learning and practicing physical skills and techniques. There is no classroom time during your range training.

Post-course, through your continued enrollment in the Defense Academy, you will have access to training and practice guides, and your DSAs will remain available to answer questions and concerns, tie you into your local community, and offer ongoing training opportunities such as Tune-Up training events to better prepare you for your next level of training. Here too, your DSAs will make themselves available to answer your questions with their weekly Live Post-Course Q&A, where you can get your questions answered directly.


The Combative Handgun Program is organized into four modules, briefly described below, which offer great flexibility in scheduling. For instance, you can complete the 16-hour range training in two consecutive, 8-hour days; or you can take one, 4-hour module at a time over a period of one or more weeks. We prefer the latter format, as it allows the student to rest and assimilate skill sets between range sessions, and integrate the online pre-course work with their progress through the range training.

Module-1 - Handgun BASICS includes choice and correct wearing of equipment, safety rules and habits, grip and stance, draw and presentation, practical combat accuracy using intuitive fire, reloading in a gunfight, preventing and clearing the most common type of malfunction, moving safely off the line of attack and to cover, and using cover correctly.

Module-2 - Handgun SKILL BUILDER tests and reviews the combative skills learned in Module-1, and moves on to sighted combative fire, more reload techniques, drawing from concealment, maneuvering during a fight, remedial actions for malfunctions, shooting in a low light environment, applying tourniquets and packing wounds to control life-threatening bleeding.

Module-3 - Handgun SKILL MASTERY tests all combative skills from previous modules, and introduces more reloading options, how to control and respond to your adversary's actions, how to deal with multiple adversaries, engaging in low and no-light conditions with a tactical light, and how to deal with open chest wounds and manage airways. You will develop speed and practical accuracy under all conditions. At the end of this course, you will have learned almost all of the basic gun-handling techniques needed to protect yourself in a lethal force environment and save innocent lives in the aftermath.

Module-4 - Handgun COMBATIVES: The course starts with the testing of the combative skills learned through modules 1-3 and then introduces engagement of close-contact targets and improvised shooting positions. You will shoot under time pressure at ranges from contact to 10 yards and more. You will integrate all combative skills under time and performance pressure, with ample trigger time. This final module will put a sharp edge on your ability to shoot quickly and accurately during a lethal force encounter.

The $800 price covers all of Tier 4 (Mods 1 through 4). Schedule your Mod - 1 course here, and schedule the remaining modules (2 through 4) with your DSI Certified Distributed Security Advisor (DSA) as your schedule permits.

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