Combative Handgun 2-Day Detroit

T3ClassPhotoc15THE DSI (TIER 4) COMBATIVE HANDGUN PROGRAM is a comprehensive course for the serious students of personal protection.

New gun owners can walk away from this training with extreme confidence in their newfound skills and veteran gun owners will be able to fill knowledge and skill gaps, will enjoy the challenging drills, appreciate having the skills to maneuver to cover, apply Tactical Combat Casualty Care or "TCCC" (TC3) as well as shooting in low and no light, and learn plenty of new skills along the way.

This program will provide you the experience and education needed to safely and effectively handle and shoot a handgun, as well as give you a base understanding of the combative skills needed to dominate a lethal force confrontation, the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) needed to save lives, as well as how to deal with the legal ramifications of fighting to save innocent lives.

This no-nonsense program will give the novice shooter all the necessary information, stress-resistant gun-handling and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) skills needed to win the fight of their lives and will help veteran shooters hone their skills to a sharp edge.

The program will cover everything you need to know; from wearing your equipment correctly, grip and stance, how to quickly and effectively present (draw) your handgun, getting your hits with practical combat accuracy using both intuitive fire and combative sighted fire, learning the most likely needed reloads for a gunfight, preventing and clearing the most likely malfunction clearance you will run into, moving off the line of attack and moving safely to cover, using cover appropriately (yes, there is an appropriate way to use cover), life saving Tactical Combat Casualty Care or TC3, shooting in low/no light, and much more.

Your training takes place in a fast-paced, dynamic, hands-on, and shooting intensive course that is taught entirely on the range (there is NO classroom time during your range training, so you won't be stuck sitting in a chair listening to hours of boring lectures). This is done in order to maximize your gun handling, practical application of skills, and give you plenty of trigger time.

Finally, your training isn't "1 and your done," type of training. Your CFIs will tie you into a much larget community of professional and local operators who have been where you are and will welcome you with open arms and help you refine your skills as you grow. 

WHO this training is for: The Combative Handgun Program has been designed for both new and veteran gun owners who want to learn the gun handling, TC3 skills, and attitudes needed to decisively win the fight of their lives and stay out of jail if you have to use those skills.

WHAT: The Combative Handgun Program is a no-nonsense, gun-handling and shooting intensive course that teaches the necessary skills and techniques needed to safely handle your firearm, effectively maneuver during a lethal force encounter, the strategies and tactics necessary to dominate a fight for life, and how to deal with life-threatening injuries potentially sustained during a lethal force encounter.

HOW you will be trained: Our Combative Handgun Program goes well beyond typical, administrative state licensing courses and basic NRA-type training. We do this by surrounding you with a unique training experience and support system which is administered by DSI certified Combative Firearms Instructors (CFIs) who give you personal attention and help you reach your full potential - before, during, and after your initial training.

Our training methodology is delivered in three phases: pre-course information and guidance, intensive on range gun-handling skills and drills, and a post-course support system delivered by your personable DSI Certified CFI.

  1. Pre-course information/guidance. Curricula, equipment lists, training resources, live online Q&As, etc., are made available to you prior to your course through our online training portal (the DSI Defense Academy),so you can become comfortable with the key concepts and information you will want to know prior to your course, which allows you to have any lingering questions answered directly by a CFI prior to ever stepping foot on the range.
  2. During your range training, you will learn practical gun-handling skills by practicing them under the watchful eyes of your CFI(s), in a safe training environment which will leave you with a solid understanding of how to confidently maneuver with and effectively use your handgun, and how to apply TC3 at the appropriate time. Because all of the "book learning" was done prior to your course (see above under "Pre-course), we can invest much more time letting you handle and train with your firearm so you can gain the confidence and knowledge you need to effectively deploy your handgun under more realistic conditions than typical training allows for.
  3. Post-course, your CFI will continue to help you sharpen your skills by providing you with ongoing services, tie you into your local community of other like-minded professionals, offer training advice, and ongoing training opportunities that will help you achieve your goals more quickly than you thought possible.

Defense Academy Support: Each phase of your training is supported through our online learning portal, the DSI Defense Academy, which houses all the curricula and materials (instructional videos, manuals, photos, customized training plans, white papers, etc.,) which you will need to access in order to quickly progress your training and earn a Graduate level certificate from DSI.


Depending on range availability, DSI CFIs offer the Tier 4 Combative Handgun Program in three (3) formats: You can train over 2-days (8-hours each), you can take a modular approach which will divide the course up over four 4-hour training sessions (better than the 2-day approach), or you can attend weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour training sessions (ideal training format) for a total of 16-hours of on-range training regardless of the format you choose.  

Module-1 - Handgun BASICS: This is a comprehensive combative handgun course for the serious students of personal protection. This no-nonsense course will give the novice shooter all the necessary basic skills needed to win the fight of their lives. From wearing your equipment correctly, grip and stance, how to quickly and effectively present your handgun, getting your hits with practical combat accuracy using intuitive fire, to learning the most likely needed reload for a gunfight, preventing and clearing the most likely malfunction clearance you will run into, moving off the line of attack, safely to cover and just as importantly, using your cover correctly. 

This is a 4-hour gun-handling and live-fire intensive course that stands traditional classroom focused basic courses on their heads and is backed by all of the pre, post, and concurrent support videos, manuals, and study materials found in the DSI Defense Academy.

Module-2 - Handgun SKILL BUILDER: This pragmatic live fire intensive course starts with testing of those vital combative skills learned in the Module-1 Handgun Basics course and then adds more essential skills such as; sighted combative fire, the correct reload to so your handgun doesn't end up going empty, shooting with a concealment garment, moving to cover diagonally, remedial actions for malfunctions, learning how to effectively shoot your handgun in a low/reduced light environment, learning how to apply a tourniquet, hemorrhage control and packing wounds.

This Module, like Module-1, is presented in a 4-hour shooting-intensive dry practice and live fire on-range training session, backed by all of the supporting materials provided in the DSI Defense Academy.

Module-3 - Handgun SKILL MASTERY: This shooting intensive course begins with the testing of important basics learned in modules 1 and 2. We will introduce to you more reloading options, you will learn what to do when your adversary isn't reacting the way you want him to, teaches you how to deal with multiple adversaries, we will continue to sharpen your ability to shoot quickly and accurately at practical combat distances now under reduced lights/no lights - utilizing a tactical light when needed, moving to cover laterally, attacking to the rear, as well as how to deal with open chest wounds and managing airways. At the end of this course, you will have learned almost all of the basic gun-handling techniques needed to protect yourself in a lethal force environment and save innocent lives with TC3.

This Module, like its precessors, is presented in a 4-hour shooting-intensive dry practice and live fire on-range training session, backed by all of the supporting materials provided in the DSI Defense Academy.

Module-4 - Handgun COMBATIVES: The final course of the basic handgun series completes the basic gun-handling techniques you will need in a fight for life and prepares you for the more realistic elements you can face as a lone operator. The course starts with the testing of the previous important combative skills learned through modules 1-3 and then teaches you how to engage close contact targets, introduces improvised shooting positions, affords you ample opportunity to appropriately utilize your tactical light in numerous low/no light environments, all while giving you ample trigger time with quality rounds sent downrange.

This Module, like its precessors, is presented in a 4-hour shooting-intensive dry practice and live fire on-range training session, backed by all of the supporting materials provided in the DSI Defense Academy. This final module will put a sharp edge on your ability to shoot quickly and accurately leaving you confident in your ability to safely and effectively utilize your handgun during a lethal force encounter, regardless of the situation.

 Course Information 

  • COST: $800.00
  • DATES: See Schedule
  • TIME: 1, 4, or 8-hour blocks
  • LOCATION: Various locations in the Midwest
  • COURSE DOCUMENTS: - Please download and read prior to your course
  • REGISTRATION FORM: Please download, fill out, and email back to your CFI


Range Lectures

Review and practical hands-on of:

  • Proper practice and new motor skills
  • Proper wearing of equipment for fighting
  • Equipment adjustment and setup
  • Proper magazine indexing
  • Review the four universal safety habits
  • Firearms nomenclature
  • Definitions of anatomic directions specific to fighting
  • Definitions of range commands

Range Training

Lectures, demonstrations, dry, and live practice of:

  • Weapons conditions check
  • Firearms personal work-space
  • Natural stance conducive to movement
  • Gripping with control
  • Fighting from the ready position and using it to your benefit
  • Weapons retention position and the proper use of
  • Close contact position and proper the proper use of
  • Proper draw/presentation from the holster
  • Proper chamber and magazine checks to know the condition of your handgun
  • Controlling the SNS response through combative breathing
  • Moving off the "X" and to cover/concealment
  • Keeping yourself safe with contact drills
  • Defining and using cover and concealment correctly
  • Situational awareness and its role in safe movement
  • Safely moving forward to seek cover/concealment properly
  • Loading and unloading of your handgun
  • Proper filling of your magazines
  • Wearing hearing protection properly
  • Mastering intuitive fire effectively and knowing its limitations
  • Diagnostic trigger drills
  • Bringing your skills together drills
  • Balance of speed, accuracy, and its relationship to power
  • Empty gun reloads
  • Fixing a (type 1&2) malfunction with immediate action
  • Drawing from the concealed garment
  • Verbalization skills
  • Speed reloads and their proper use
  • Fast and effective remedial action drills to clear (type 3) malfunctions
  • Moving diagonally to cover
  • Mastering combative sighted fire
  • Failure to stop drills
  • Low/no light shooting
  • Proper application of a (CAT) tourniquet
  • Shooting from the weapons retention position
  • Working in low/reduced light
  • Hemorrhage control and wound packing
  • Tactical reloads and their proper application
  • Failure to stop (dedicated adversaries)
  • Dealing with open chest wounds
  • Integrated combat breathing
  • Moving laterally to cover
  • How to handle multiple adversaries
  • Using your tactical light in no light situations
  • Airway management
  • Shooting from the close contact
  • Using your shot timer correctly
  • Use of the squatting and improvised positions
  • Use of the kneeling and double kneeling positions
  • Using the rollover prone position and improvised prone positions
  • Extensive firing drills at 3, 5, 7, and 10+ yards (range dependent)
  • How to continually improve with dry practice

Pre, concurrent, and post-course supporting material

(Manuals, articles, videos, live and web-based content via the DSI Online Defense Academy)

  • Weekly live online DA Tours, Pre and Post-Course Q&A
  • Mastering your mind for combat
  • Concealed carry practical advice and techniques
  • Recognizing reality and learning to operate in it
  • How to operate in and master the chaos of a fight
  • Understanding violence, becoming comfortable with it, and using it to your advantage
  • Psychology of fighting and "steeling your mind" for the fight
  • Quickly mastering both intuitive and combative sighted fire and never doubting your ability again
  • Avoiding the litigation landmines after a lethal force encounter
  • Tactical fundamentals and adapting them for the situation
  • Tactics vs. techniques
  • Tactical principles
  • Individual movement techniques
  • Basic area clearing techniques
  • Room entry and clearing
  • How to handle doors
  • How to clear stairs
  • How the decision making process relates to tactics
  • The color code of mental awareness
  • Drills to develop observation and situational awareness skills
  • How the color code relates to Boyd's decision-making process
  • The DSI Training Notebook
  • Detailed DSI Dry Practice Guide

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