Tier 4 Instructor Certification Course 5.17-19.19

This is the registration page for the Tier 4 Instructor Certification course scheduled for May 17-19, 2019 in Cody, Wyoming. Register using the link below. Once you have cleared our vetting process then we will send you an online invoice to pay the course fee.

THE COMBATIVE FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR (CFI) PROGRAM is designed for military, law enforcement, and NRA instructors who want to add advanced combative firearms and reality-based training (RBT) options for individuals, businesses, schools, churches, and communities to their course offerings.

  • Synergistic Advanced Combative Firearms Training

    Synergistic Advanced Combative Firearms Training

    Advanced combative firearms and reality-based training for individuals, businesses, schools, churches and communities. Non-competitive with NRA offerings.
  • Significant Incremental Revenue Opportunities

    Significant Incremental Revenue Opportunities

    Significant additional revenue opportunities including course revenues, manuals, on-line membership subscriptions and commissions on referrals.
  • Integrated On-line On-range And On-site Curriculum

    Integrated On-line On-range And On-site Curriculum

    Comprehensive curriculum including training scripts, plans, course and program formats, administrative documents, integrated training manuals and videos.
  • Click To View Course Schedule And Register

    Click To View Course Schedule And Register

    Extensive on-line, on-range and recurrent training and certification process. Click to view schedule for upcoming certification courses and to register.

The CFI program works much like the NRA instructor program - candidate instructors pay DSI for their training and are then accredited to instruct and certify their own students utilizing DSI's methodology and training resources available to them as DSI Certified CFIs. DSI certified CFIs then can purchase training materials, sales, and marketing collaterals, "SWAG," and other training resources from DSI if they desire. 


This program is for candidates interested in becoming a certified DSI Combative Firearms Instructors (CFIs). The CFI program is designed for military, LEOs, and current NRA instructors who want to add advanced combative and reality-based training options for individuals, businesses, schools, churches, and communities

Required Experience

We only accept CFI candidates with significant firearms training experience (military, LEO, or NRA) for our Tier 4 CFI's. Tier 3 and above must have significant tactical law enforcement or military experience. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Course Preparation

The CFI course is divided into two phases - on-line and on-range activities. The first phase is 90 hours of on-line courses, reading assignments and other preparatory activities including 2 weekly video conference calls delivered over 12 weeks leading up to the on-range phase. The on-range phase is a 3-day training and certification event.

CFI candidates will have have to do their homework as well as attend two weekly Monday and Thursday evening 1-hour (7-8pm Central) online meetings in order to pass the course. Candidates must demonstrate declarative knowledge, procedural skills and techniques, and most importantly - the ability to deliver them effectively using our methodology.

If the CFI does not pass the certification course the first time, they can return and retake the course at a reduced rate.

These are the steps to becoming a DSI certified Combative Firearms Instructor:

  1. Select your course date and register.
  2. Send us an email to info@distributedsecurity.com outlining your firearms training experience and contact information.
  3. We will then schedule a private briefing which is conducted via teleconference, during which we present the opportunity to you in detail.
  4. If we are satisfied that you have a strong chance of achieving your certification then we will clear you for your course and invoice you for the course fee.

Your Certification Cost Includes

  1. The training course fee.
  2. Website listing on the DSI website including "baseball card" and full-page profile.
  3. Co-branded Defense Group inside the DSI Defense Academy.
  4. Access to all administrative files inside the CFI Portal.

Your certification cost does not include:

  1. Travel and lodging
  2. Ammunition
  3. Weapons and equipment - you a professional, so you should already have your own.
  4. Merchandising elements
  5. Sales and marketing support resources such as your website, fliers, banners, etc. (see above)


Plan on arriving no later than the evening prior to your course date. Sign-in begins at 0700 the day of your course. The course will start promptly at 0800. Late-comers will not be allowed to take the course. Please bring a sack lunch and snacks.

Day One Itinerary

: 0700-0800
Course Instruction: 0800 - 2000

Day Two Itinerary

: 0730
Course Instruction: 0800 - 1800

Day Three Itinerary

: 0730
Course Instruction: 0800 - 1800
Graduation: 1900
Depart: 2000


You are responsible for securing your own lodging.

Cancellations And Refunds

Once your payment is processed then you are committed to the program. There are no refunds. If you are unable to attend your scheduled date then you will be able to cancel and attend a future program. We train rain or shine so there are no weather cancellations. Should we cancel a program after payment has been made then we will either refund your payment in full or apply it toward the next course.

Additional Costs And Considerations

Once you have paid for and gained your certification, you have no other obligation to pay us anything or to purchase anything from us.

For those CFI's who would like marketing support and or merchandising support, we offer a number of items and services you can purchase directly from us which we will cover during your private briefing.


Event Properties

Event Date 05-17-2019 8:00 am
Event End Date 05-19-2019 5:00 pm
Registration Start Date 01-11-2019 8:00 am
Capacity 6
Registered 0
Available place 6
Cut off date 06-15-2019 5:00 pm
Individual Price $3,695.00
Cody, Wyoming
27 Park Drive Cody, WY 82414
Cody, Wyoming

Venue Information - Cody, Wyoming

Various private ranges and facilities in the Cody area.

$3,695.00 6
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