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 Adv Plan Strip 2

Become an ADVANCED member of the DSI Online Defense Academy.

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A series of progressively more challenging training programs that will develop a level of proficiency comparable to basic SWAT* operators in as little as 12 - 24 months of study, training, and deliberate practice. Handgun. Rifle. Individual Tactics. 

The Advanced membership is designed for the serious individual operator or "IO" and offers key fundamental techniques and tactics needed to effectively defend against a lethal force encounter at home or on the street. The membership level trains handgun and rifle. Combative techniques such as clearing hallways, rooms and staircases along with street scenarios are also introduced.

This membership level utilizes our innovative Smartsheets training plan to guide you through a comprehensive 12-month training regimen which is customized by one of our certified Combative Firearms Instructors who will tailor the plan to meet your specific training objectives. You get full access to all of our individual tactics contents including on-line courses, scenarios, lectures and training manual. Our Advanced level members also have access to our Tactical Medicine and Tactical Communications on-line courses.

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SIGN-UP BELOW. The Advanced membership is $39 a month. Your first 5 days are free. Thereafter your credit card will be charged $39 per month for as long as you stay a member. Of course, you can cancel at any time.


Free for 5 days, then USD 39.00 per 30 days
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