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Ref Man Base BeautyReference Manual - Combative Firearm Fundamentals And Individual Tactics is written for new and experienced gun owners. As a desktop reference, it is an invaluable resource for basic weapon fundamentals and individual tactics. The manual is 350 pages long and coil bound so it lays flat. We cover the following topics in the manual:

  • Handgun Technique
  • Rifle Technique
  • Shotgun Technique
  • Dry Practice Guide
  • Concealed Carry Briefing
  • Individual Tactics
  • Training For The fight Of Your Life
  • Surviving The Litigation Landmines
  • Other Implications Of Violence

You are also getting a free month in the Defense Academy.  Not only do you have access to the most comprehensive individual firearms training anywhere, as a member, you also have the opportunity to take our training into your business, church, or school. Secure yourself, your family, and your community. Your first month is free in the Defense Academy, you can cancel at anytime. 

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SIGN-UP BELOW. The manual is $49.95 including shipping. And you get a free month in the Defense Academy.  Thereafter your credit card will be charged $19 per month for as long as you stay a member. Of course you can cancel at anytime during your first month and pay nothing.

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USD 49.95 for 30 days, then USD 19.00 per 30 days
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