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“This is the best training system I've come across in almost 30 years of training soldiers and civilians."

Kevin Gleason - Defense Academy Member - Retired Army Drill Sergeant, Tank Commander and M1A1 Master Gunner.

Become a Enterprise Member of the DSI Online Defense Academy. 


SWAT 3 man Grad7DSI has been at the forefront of creating programs and strategies that train individuals in organizations to defend their life and property. Our Team membership to the online defense academy is designed to provide the content, instruction, plans and resources for small teams to learn how to defend life and property. The cost for a Enterprise membership to the online defense academy is $289 per month for a team of 6 individuals.


  • Weapon fundamentals for handgun, shotgun and rifle.
  • Individual techniques for clearing rooms, hallways, stairways, wtc.
  • Team tactics necessary for a security cadre to defend life and property.
  • How to conduct security assessments and vulnerability analyses.

As an Enterprise member you will have full access to all content, courses, plans and features of the online defense academy including our innovative Smartsheets training plan to guide you security cadre through a comprehensive 24 month training regimen. These interactive plans are customized for each organization by one of our certified Combative Firearms Instructors to meet your training objectives.

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Perhaps the most valuable feature for your security cadre is the online Private Training Group, a virtual club house where you can store all of your training stuff like schedules, training plans, video from training drills or exercises, floor plans, rosters, etc.

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SIGN-UP BELOW. The Enterprise membership is $289 a month. Your first 5 days are free. Thereafter your credit card will be charged $289 per month for as long as you stay a member. Of course you can cancel at anytime.


Free for 5 days, then USD 289.00 per 30 days
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