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Twelve years ago we wrote our first manual: "Handgun Fundamentals". Over the next few years we added six more manuals - Rifle, Shotgun, Individual Tactics, Team Tactics, Unit Tactics, and Strategy. We recently updated our manuals and created a desktop reference version called, "Reference Manual - Firearm Fundamentals And Individual Tactics" which also integrates with our online content and interactive training plans. We're offering this new manual for 29% off of the retail price of $69.95 and throwing in a free, one-month membership to our online Defense Academy. 

We wrote this manual for new and experienced gun owners. As a desktop reference, it is an invaluable resource for basic weapon fundamentals and individual tactics. The manual is 350 pages long and coil bound so it lays flat. We cover the following topics in the manual:

  • Handgun Technique
  • Rifle Technique
  • Shotgun Technique
  • Dry Practice Guide
  • Concealed Carry Briefing
  • Individual Tactics
  • Training for the fight Of Your Life
  • Surviving the Litigation Landmines
  • Other Implications of Violence

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