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Bridging the Gap Between Increasing Threats of Mob Violence and Law Enforcement’s Decreasing Ability to Defend Life and Property

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The DSA program certifies and authorizes qualifying individuals to instruct, advise, and promote Distributed Security service offerings to individuals, businesses, schools, and churches in their local community. This is a value-added training and advisory opportunity, providing a full menu of services that can be instructed or promoted, ranging from fundamental firearms instruction to fully-integrated turnkey enterprise solutions. DSAs are compensated via training fees, revenue commissions, and membership subscriptions. Click to download our 44-page PDF - Practical Handbook 2020 Establishing Distributed Security Networks to learn more about our service offerings. 

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For Ex-military/Agency And Law Enforcement Professionals

Join our team of independent security advisors and firearms instructors and profitably serve your community in a new role helping lead the defense against violent threat. This is an opportunity for professionals with significant operating experience as a soldier, agent, or law enforcement officer. This opportunity demands both dedication and commitment and has the potential to generate significant compensation. DSAs can offer directly or in partnership with DSI:

  1. Combative firearms training instruction.
  2. Reality-based training programs.
  3. Turnkey enterprise security offerings.
  4. Command School seminar formats.
  5. Quick reaction teams.
  6. Community defense solutions.
  7. Integrated tactical medical training - TCCC, etc.
  8. Online Defense Academy memberships.

Certification Process

BBB Toledo BW CropThe certification requires 32 hours of online instruction culminating with three, on-site, range days. DSA candidates will learn how to instruct the DSI curriculum and promote DSI’s enterprise offerings. Each week the candidate participates in online lectures and discussions, video dry practice exercises, and is required to complete homework assignments. Certification exam plus range qualifications at the end are required to achieve certification. The DSA Certificate will become a coveted achievement for security professionals.

Instructor Shot Andrews LinkedinCertification Costs And Expectations

The cost of the DSA certification is $4,995 and includes all instruction and range time. Once certified the DSA pays $49 per month for access to the online DSA portal which houses their own private training group and all of the DSI intellectual property. The DSA candidate is responsible for travel expenses plus ammunition costs for the on-range portion of their certification. Once certified the DSA must achieve certain performance and financial objectives in order to maintain their certification including weekly online meetings and annual recertification.

Next Steps

For interested candidates the next steps are:

  1. Expression of interest. Start by sending an email to les@distributedsecurity.com with a short description of your background and a detailed resume.
  2. Interview. If your resume is of interest you will be contacted about setting up an online interview.
  3. Briefing. Successful interviewees will proceed with a detailed program briefing and a tour of DSI’s online training resources.
  4. Background check. If both parties want to proceed after the interview and tour then a standard background check will be initiated.
  5. Acceptance. If the background check is approved then prospective candidate will be extended a formal invitation to join a class.
  6. Payment. Once accepted, payment is due 14 days prior to the class starting.

Press Announcement August 17, 2020.

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Quick Facts

Distributed Security Advisor (DSA) program certification facts at a glance:

  • Cost. $4,995 certification fee + $49 per month adviser portal access.
  • Certification: Online exam plus 3-day on-range demonstration of qualifications.
  • Duration: 160 hours preparation over 16 weeks.
  • Method: Online instruction, discussion, and dry practice.
  • Next class: Classes begin the first week of each month.
  • Next step: Send expression of interest to les@distributedsecurity.com