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When considering the notion of using armed employees to defend their enterprise, most owners and managers respond with the following:

  1. I don’t like guns.
  2. I don’t see the threat.
  3. That’s why we have cops.
  4. My lawyers would not allow it.
  5. You can’t train employees to do this.
  6. That’s why there are security guards.

We have found that most enterprises must go through four stages of understanding in order to comprehend the reality and necessity of a defended enterprise.

STAGE 1Understanding the threat. It’s going to get worse. A lot worse. The first stage is understanding that violent threats to enterprise and community are going to get worse. In the recent past, you could count on historical trends and statistics to help predict and deter violent threat. This is no longer the case as violent threats to local communities throughout the world are evolving rapidly and unpredictably.

STAGE 2: Understanding cops will not defend the enterprise. Cops can’t defend you. The second stage is understanding that cops won’t be there to respond as these new threats emerge. Police are not security guards and cannot provide the kind of coverage to thwart a violent attack. Government budgets are shrinking and the public distaste for increased taxation growing. Law Enforcement Officers do not have the mandate or budget to defend individual enterprises.   

STAGE 3:  Understanding owners and managers must defend the enterprise. The third stage is realizing that owners and managers are responsible for the defense of the enterprise. Cops, politicians, lawyers, gun regulations, liability insurance, surveillance cams, and unarmed security guards do not defend the enterprise. Enterprise owners and managers must provide for the defense of life and property via in-house staff and/or outsourced capabilities.

STAGE 4Understanding armed employees are the best defense. The fourth and final stage is understanding that the best defense is the one that will be there when a threat manifests. Armed, trained and vetted employees working as a coordinated team and circulating throughout the enterprise provide the best defense. With DSI Enterprise Offerings you can recruit and deploy a private security force for a fraction of the cost of outsourced options while maintaining total control over this most vital strength.

Enterprises who control their defense are truly defended. Outsourcing to third-parties or assuming law enforcement will respond in time leads to vulnerability and uncertainty. Take control. Move from defenseless to defended. Click here to download our Enterprise Offering brochure.

Make The Last Line Of Defense Your First Priority 

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