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The Schmitts - A Study Of One Family's Struggle To Defend Life, Business, Church, School and Community

Cover Image Briefing Series 4 Case StudyThis section presents a case study to bring to life the tactics and techniques described in the Strategy For Defense, Team Tactics and Unit Tactics manuals. 

The case study animates the threats faced by individuals, parents, business owners, church officials and school administrators. You will find the case study referred to in detail in the various manuals. We have extracted specific elements of the case study for presentation here without the detailed tactics and techniques discussion.

The case study is a composite construction of actual events and relationships experienced by the authors. Names and locations have been changed, and the resulting study, while the work of fiction, is representable of the realities facing many individuals, businesses and communities today. The setting for the case study is Detroit, a city that is a precursor for the conflicts to come. The case study includes:

  1. The story of Auto Parts Distributors (APD), including it's founding, owners, employees and history.
  2. A security briefing which describes the threats that confront APD.
  3. A site survey detailing the physical premises.
  4. Mission Essential Task List (METL) for the defense of APD.
  5. Wargaming a gang assault on APD.
  6. After Action Report (AAR) of an actual assault.

Schmit Family Photo base Shadow750While this case study focuses on a business, the threats and defenses apply directly to schools and churches. MOST IMPORTANTLY, individuals who daily confront security issues - not just in their home - but also at work, in school, at church and in their community will gain by understanding their ability to contribute to their own security - wherever they go.