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DSI was founded by Ron Danielowski a former active duty Marine and security consultant operating in the Middle East and Mike Smock a competitive strategist and expert on maneuver theory. The founders met back in early 2001 over a common appreciation for the theories of John Boyd.

Mike Smock is Chairman and CEO. Prior to co-founding the enterprise, he was managing director for a San Francisco based strategy consultancy, and Chairman and CEO of an international engineering services firm. In his early career he spent 15 years in senior management positions with major national and international enterprises, and was the founder or co-founder of several start-ups including Dynaquest an early artificial intelligence pioneer. A seasoned start-up and turnaround executive and advisor, his career has been evenly split between operator and consultant. He attended Michigan State University, East Tennessee State University and Elmhurst College. 

Ron Danielowski is Executive Vice President - Chief Instructor. Prior to co-founding the enterprise he spent 25 years as a multi-agency accredited instructor, organizing, developing, implementing, and overseeing training solutions for numerous federal agencies including the Department of Energy, Federal Air Marshals, and the Department of State. He has worked extensively in both Afghanistan and Iraq in support of America's military and federal agencies. Ron started his instructing career in the Marine Corps, both as a coach and a Primary Marksmanship Instructor. Ron is a Distinguished Marksman and member of the "President's Hundred" winner of the Marine Infantry Team Trophy Match. 

Bill Tallen is Executive Vice President - Tactical Operations. Prior to joining the enterprise he had a 20 year career with the Department of Energy, where he served as a Federal Agent, team leader, unit commander, training instructor, and manager in the agency which provides secure transportation of nuclear weapons and nuclear materials within CONUS. He helped to found DOE's Special Response Force program, developing and teaching urban and close quarter battle techniques to Federal Agents charged with recovery of lost assets. He has designed and conducted a variety of wargaming efforts in support of vulnerability assessments, security system design, and leadership training, and has taught a variety of crisis decision making models. Bill holds the degree of Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College. 

Randy Bartlett is Vice President - Tactical Communications and leads the development and instruction of all command and control technologies and infrastructure. He has over 30 years military and paramilitary experience as a commissioned Infantry officer, non-commissioned officer, and contractor. Through various companies, he provided leadership and management for site and convoy security, medical evacuation, personnel recovery, expatriate evacuation, vulnerability analysis and gap assessment, and business continuity in several countries. As part of the withdrawal of conventional forces from Iraq, he was part of a four man team that located, accounted for, and developed protective plans for Americans and foreign nationals in Iraq. He also developed a security program for an infrastructure renewal and development project valued at $1B USD in Libya.

Chuck Gbur, MD is Vice President - Tactical Medicine and leads the development and instruction of all tactical medicine content. He is a retired Battalion Surgeon and currently a interventional cardiologist in Toledo, Ohio. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology and Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine. He served as a medical officer in the United States Navy. During most of his 25 year military career he served with the Fleet Marine Force. He held numerous positions including Battalion Surgeon, Marine Rear Area Operation Group Surgeon, Regimental Surgeon, and Advisor to The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps at HQMC. He also was the company commander of a Marine Corps Surgical Company. He was a graduate and an instructor in the Combat Causality Care Course (C4) as well as the advanced Combat Casualty Care Course. He was a graduate of the Naval War College and Joint Forces Staff College as well as numerous other classes and course. He published several papers and developed training doctrine and policies for medical care in military operations in urban terrain. Chuck was active in tactical medicine training of Marines and Corpsman who were deploying in support of numerous combat missions over the last twenty years.


DSI was founded by a former active duty Marine and security consultant operating in the Middle East and a competitive strategist and expert on maneuver theory.

The DSI co-founders originally met in 2001 over a shared appreciation for John Boyd and William Lind. At that time, Ron Danielowski was working in the private sector for a federal agency which specialized in anti-terrorism tactics utilized to protect national resources, and Mike Smock was operating a strategy consultancy in San Francisco that focused on the application of maneuver warfare theory to business process.

In 2005 Danielowski approached Smock to assist in the development of a business concept for a firearms training group that was originally presented to Blackwater (Danielowski's employer) who due to various challenges was unable to develop the opportunity. In 2008 the two founders then considered starting their own enterprise based upon this concept. While there are many firearms training options available today, the distinguishing feature of this new business was it's application of maneuver warfare theory to reality-based firearms training. The business was formally launched October 15, 2010 with both founders committing all their time and resources to starting the new enterprise.


In February 2017 Pulse O2DA changed it's name to Distributed Security, Inc. (DSI). The name change reflects the growing portfolio of services offered by Pulse O2DA and the evolving nature of its mission. Since its founding in October 2010, the firm has developed an integrated offering of on-range, on-line and on-site training packages for individual, home, business, and community defense.

Coinciding with the name change, the firm is launched a new security offering, called Private Defense Networks. The new distributed security strategy enables businesses to develop private defense bases and operate private security forces capable of defending life and property. DSI offers clients a turnkey package of services, including infrastructure, training, provisioning, and outsourcing. The name change will gradually take effect throughout 2017. Existing Pulse O2DA brand names will be retained on various training offerings. 

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